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let me introduce in short company POKORNÝ-SÍTĚ s. r. o.


The POKORNÝ-SÍTĚ s.r.o. company was founded in 1990 by Petr Pokorny in the afterglow of the Velvet Revolution, during a time of renewed free trade in Czechoslovakia. The company focused on producing nets for freshwater fisheries and sports.

By 1992, in addition to the original fishing nets, POKORNÝ-SÍTĚ s.r.o. began producing other sporting and protective nets, and the company moved to its first rented offices and hired its first fulltime employees. The nets were tied by hand by a number of employees working from their homes. To this day, some of these individuals continue to work with POKORNÝ-SÍTĚ s.r.o.

In 1996, POKORNÝ-SÍTĚ s.r.o. broke ground for a new manufacturing facility in Brloh, South Bohemia, Czech Republic, where it is headquartered to the present day. The company continues to evolve dynamically and develop new products using their standardized technologies and high quality raw materials with the goal of bringing exacting design specifications and satified customers together every time.

Our product lines include:

With our longtime expertise, we are dedicated to finding suitable solutions for our customers’ needs. Our customers appreciate our ability to meet their requests and exact design specifications within a short delivery time.

We look forward to working with you on all your netting requirements.


Petr Pokorny and the staff at POKORNÝ-SÍTĚ s.r.o.

Petr Pokorný Pavlína Blažková Gabriela Jungbauerová
Petr Pokorný Pavlína Blažková Gabriela Jungbauerová
Karla Pokorná Dagmar Strnadová Jana Švarcová
Karla Pokorná Dagmar Strnadová Jana Švarcová
Miloslav Kinkor Zdeněk Novák
Miloslav Kinkor Zdeněk Novák



Pokorný - Sítě s.r.o.
Brloh 117
382 06 Brloh
Czech republic

Phone number:

Tel: +420 380 / 745 229
Fax: +420 380 / 745 390